Psychotherapy in Ormond Beach, Fl.


Relational Cultural Psychotherapy Services in Ormond Beach, FL.

Finding the right connection with a psychologist is the first and most important decision when deciding to start therapy.  A safe, confidential and authentic therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of effective counseling.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Florida since 1990.  Prior to relocating to Florida, I had worked in southern California in clinical practice and hospital based outpatient care since 1984.

There are many reasons people seek out therapy. Usually there is some kind of emotional distress that has become too difficult to navigate. This distress can be a result of or related to:

  • grief/sadness/loss

  • difficulties in relationships

  • anxiety/panic

  • depression

  • eating disorders and body image distress

  • trauma/PTSD

  • acute or chronic illness

  • work stress

  • life transitions

Whatever the “issue” or “symptom” which brings a person into therapy, these are signals that some part of life is out of balance and in need of attention and healing.

Some people choose to utilize therapy as a path of personal growth. We live in a culture that moves very quickly with an emphasis on Doing rather than Being. The pressures of work and/or family leave little time to reflect on our inner lives and meaning.

The therapy process can be a doorway into a greater sense of well-being, discovery of meaning in the face of difficult life challenges, and to more satisfying and enriching relationships.

As a relational therapist – Iinfluenced and extensively trained at the Stone Center, Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College, MA.,    my work focuses on healing connections, sorting through the numerous disconnections that occur in one's life experience.  We seek to increase self efficacy in managing your relationships in your life including your relationship with yourself, your body, your work, your family, your friends, your community, and the world.

As a relational therapist, I work in connection with my clients in the healing process so that it’s an active engagement, a collaborative effort to move your life forward in zestful, fulfilling ways.   Dr. Samuels office is open and accepting to issues of diversity and health care disparities and outreach to marginalized persons seeking supportive counseling.     

I walk a part of the journey with you. We’re in a partnership together.     My vision is  to join you on your journey as we form a collaborative connection.  Together we seek to find healing pathways that empower more connections in your life, starting in therapy and empowering  the rest of your life.